General Thread - What should I myth next?


is there a way for a phy mech to defend from a electric mech because i keep getting killed by electric mechs its irratating here a pic of my mech


Remove the bloody hammer, put in dual Ani’s (energyless), max your engines. And if you’re still having issues. Start maxing your arena shop skills out

The ones within the red lines are the ones you should focus on if you’re having issues with energy mechs. (That and you can add in a lvl 29 epic protector (single energy one)).

That and maxing out some more of your items for more HP and damage.


i did that too i still have no luck and i used my last anialation for mythicaling


Same. I just figured Nightfalls are way better, and they work with my Mighty Cannon. I completely ignore my energy stats and just leave whenever I find an (good) energy mech.


i dont leave i just stay for the money


I honestly want to rebuild your mech from the ground up Bren. You’re running quite the messy build.


i guess i am i will try different stuff how would you rebuild it



  1. Dual Annihilation, Nightfall and Maybe a Night Eagle.

  2. Zarkares, Iron boots.

  3. Mod choice is where you could make or break your build. Personally I’d run dual energy engines, two cooling boosters + one heat or two heat + one cooling. Left over weight will be put into HP.

I’ll add mine to give you some reference.

Do ignore the protector mods (They give quite the advantage in PVP for me). Replacing those later on with energy engines when I get some. But this should give you a rough idea of a “well” done phys mech. Honestly, me, lordgorgon and another lad (knotknot? I suck at names, I’m sorry) talked about some phys mech builds across a few topics. I suggest you look them up.


like what topics and a name i think is good is melee king


people told me to do the first one for pvp purposes and yah that set up and i was useing it buut people got mad about the 2nd build so i stopped useing it


Ignore what others say, they’re not even giving you good advice. I’d advise you do what I did, try shit, see if said shit works, if not. Redo it and try again.

It took me a massive amount of trial and error before I got my mechs pretty well built to push me to rank 3.


do you know any good builds for a heat mech


Figure it out yourself… That’s the point of this stupid game… stop being lazy and asking every week… If you won’t listen then don’t ask. It just annoys people.


Please. Can we agree not to ever help again?

If nobody replies… the topics will stop…hopefully


I am trying I am just not getting weapons I need and want plus there are not that much physical item out there and most of them are hard to get


what makes a good heat mech its my second mech


Drop the second CL - you’ll never need it. I’d recommend also switching the savior resist for an iron plate for more weight, as well. You got pretty good energy, so I’d say supreme cannon would help you more than desolation.


oh thats what i thought for the supreme cannon


how about teleport or grappleing hook to would the nemo drone work


What to myth first, torso, legs, weapons? What makes sence as first myth item in general?