General Thread - What should I myth next?


ok any other suggestions in 2 hours i will myth prepare for the mythicaling


SeraphBlade and the meat hammer you might change in the future.
The energy module…You might want to go for a semi energy-free build one day.
Void… It’s pretty improbable but it is possible to go for a Dustmaker one day.
But Annihilation, that’s the heart of a physical.
You’ll never change that.


Excuse me, do you see any other suggestions after 3 hours??? No. Because everyone agrees with him that had the time to decide


well you never know then 30 mins then the myth will happen in going to eat icecream


all ready


Nice…that’s a really helpful weapon when you are energy broken


it is thats why its my favorite


dude i mythicaled it now you can look


Dude,I’m onto mything my 3rd…Trust me,I can recognize that thing from a mile distance.
Not to say thay I’ve been using Annihilations for months now.


i know its still pretty cool


i agree, i remember when i got my first myth, Brutality torso


well its my 3rd mythical now


im on my 7th :smiley:


bruh its ready now i did it


You don’t need to tag everyone… waste of time. Yeah I saw it when you first posted it, nice.


4th myth? :thinking::thinking:
i’ll get more HP and cooling soon
also zark is newly mythed


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Void, the extra damage every turn no matter the range is better than a myth weapon


just tell me which one though


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