General Thread - What should I myth next?


For me, it’s a worth using, for a while.


Perfect now just myth everything


Why I myth up another resist,
I already have one…



and me begging items that sad, the game must consist of estretegia not having the best items so it will not be super popular like its old days


Aren’t Maximum Protectors rare?..


not rare than premium plates lol


Can you quickly show me the stats for the maxed maximum protector? Can’t be bothered typing and scrolling for maxed stats



Thank you :+1:

Not as good as I thought


What should I myth for fun?

  • SeraphBlade
  • Desert Fury
  • Mighty Cannon

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Now, seriously, what should I myth for my lil’ heater first?

  • Reckoning
  • Supreme Cannon
  • Desolation

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First one, obviously Seraph. Underrated blade but so useful.

And obviously reckoning > deso > cannon.


seprah blade is beast


Anything but Mighty Cannon and/or Desert Fury…
Btw,make sure you upgrade the body of the mech before you move onto weapons.
Definitely Reckoning for your lil’ heater.The other weapons can wait.


I already have a few torsos maxed. . . But yes, I acknowledge this.


So i starting make a phys mech and need help with that, this is a good set ?


You’re 100% set if you use that build for phys – it’s the best one.

You can always adjust it to make it suit you (Eg. take off NightEagle for a 2nd Nightfall).


Though I suggest adding one more side weapon (be it Annihilation or NightFall) or you’ll run out of ammo pretty quick.
Also,drop the resistance module.It’s not worth at epic.Get another plate instead.


Ok, first: Replace the epic resistance with an epic plate, the epic resistance is useless . Also, if you get a second annihilation, you can drop your energy modules


which one should i myth