General Thread - What should I myth next?


lol I’m 27


I was kidding… I’m 15 LOL


These are my mech modules now


Actually,it’s pretty good!
Tho on my main I have 3 plates and on my alt phys I have 4.


Once I get my modules to Mythical, oh man…I will have a lot of heat/energy and cooling/regen


Same as mine


Btw…should I replace something with my Maximum protector?

Edit: if so, what?

2nd Edit:

or This


I’d say to replace an energy engine.
You’ll have more than enough when maxed.




what should be mythed first, Supreme or Desolation?


Definitely Deso, then Supreme.


So, I have a question I just can’t make up my mind on. First of all, here’s my mech:

As you can see, I have a real problem with physicals - my 1-2 range options are somewhat limited, and my hp is pretty low (my torso and legs are both myth maxed). BTW, drone is Murmur and I have all utilities.

So, the question is this - should I use the new item, the Grave Diggers legs? Getting it to mythical is not a problem - but other things are. The way I see it:
Pros - Stomp + CL combo is a thing; more damage than simply jumping away
Cons - Less HP, no heat damage from legs (not a huge deal).

I also have the reckoning, and am thinking of replacing my Supreme Cannon with it (and dropping my teleporter) to make a counter-phys build, which would make these new legs unnecessary.

So, there are my thoughts - and here’s a poll! Thanks in advance for the feedback :smile:

  • Change Legs to Grave Diggers
  • Keep Devouring Paws, use Reckoning instead
  • Other (leave comment below)

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should i use grave diggers for upgrading


No first. Why not you try Grave Diggers? I am planning to use that leg for my build :wink:


heres my build


get rid of the backbreaker and add a nightfall


i still like my back breaker but ok


look i can hide my night fall


Myth your annihilation (and NE).
*PS. Backbreaker is my first mythed item


is it good or bad or worth it