General Thread - What should I myth next?


Many people (including me) are making separate topics with the following question:
’‘What should I upgrade/myth?’'
So,instead of making this kind of thread over and over again,let’s just have one in which everyone can post (to avoid making the same one again and again,therefore avoid spam and annoying,repetitive topics).
This topic is meant for the undecided souls (again,like me) that need people’s advice or a different point of view to help them decide what to upgrade first/next.

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I go first :slight_smile:
I need an opinion,once again.
I can myth one item but I can’t decide…
Every time I do this,it seems that the decision only gets harder :laughing:
Will you leave your opinion down below,please?


yellow nightfall or annihilation


1 and 2: NF
3: LW

It would be what I would myth first ^^

(but mything the Paws is a good idea too, more HP for your second DMG-sponge ^^)




He means Last words. (grenade launcher)


The color coordinated mechs look awesome btw


Thanks :smile:

You just clicked this text


Should I fuse my legendary Avenger into my Windigo for myth?


Avenger has pretty low core stats but a huge HP amount.
It is ideal for an energy-free build (for you’d only need to boost it’s heat,cooling and hp,thus maybe forgetting about adding any energy whatsoever)
That would mean either a dual Annihilation build (that is semi energy-free) or a heater (with Desolation,Sorrows,Magma Blasts,Clash) but also a hybrid (called the ‘‘Moving Fortress’’,2 Desolations,2 Annihilations,optional Magma Blast and Clash for a fully energy-free build with high hp and damage)
As for Windigo…That one torso is pretty universal.You can make whatever out of it.
If you wanna use it for a heater,get it hp,energy and one/two more heat engines or whatever,for an electrician get it a lot of energy for it has good base heat and for a phys…get it a little bit of all and more health.
Point is,using Avenger doesn’t give as many options as using Windigo.
I’d say yes.Keep the Windigo and use the Avenger as transform material.


You mythed any modules yet?

Also that #1 nightfall doesn’t look mythical, if so then that one would work too.


No modules yet.
However,most of my modules are legendary and they work fine for now…I know I’ll have to myth those at some point too,especially on my little drainer.
Both NF’s are legendary,for I mostly use them Annihilations.That’s why I mythed that 2nd Anni.,leaving the NF then NE for last.


Myth your windforge.Ive seen some of your battles and your windforge always does only 40-50 dmg


Even at max myth it’'s maximum damage is 100.
Windforge’s key is its drain.It drains a looot so it compensates the damage.
My build is for fast energy breaks,not essentially for damage (tho it does damage when the opponent’s battery is empty).
But I’ll keep that in mind.First lemme finish that 1st physical then I’m onto the electrician.


Right now I am very close to making another mythical for the Windigo build.
What do you say?

  • NightFall
  • Night Eagle
  • Void

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What should I upgrade?

  • Night Eagle
  • Cooling Mass Booster
  • Heat Engine
  • Energy Engine

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I’d say to finish upgrading your weapons (outside of the mech) before you move onto modules.


just asking

After naga,what should I myth?
drone is crow(weak windforge)


I’d say either legs for hp or Last Words.


Use the lightning supporter leg , it is a great epic-myth leg, maxed level it have 67 energy drain, and charging walker only have 38 drains.