General Thread - Upcoming


Hi, general thread for Upcoming things like: Base update, What item might be next.

But for now, I want to ask… Do you think there may be a portal today? No immediate special event has occurred so maybe a portal?

I know this thread can be a stretch and doesn’t necessarily need to be a general thread but we’ll see if it lives on.


i bet today is new titan “event”


Eh,probably another gold arena bonus or 10% campaign.

I want…an paint discount.


A new titan ughhh I hate this every titan is new and they take so much event space they should introduce the three titans together rather than separate


It’s not an event…


New Titan is just a way to reduce the events


Tomorrow is either Paint Sale / Any Portal.

I’m 100% sure.


I hope portal, maybe

But who doesn’t?


I saw that it states “any portal” for tomorrow.

A gold portals is also possible.


Dammit Cyanine. You ruined my hopes