General Thread - The Claw Building Ideas

Hi all, as builds topic are oing to pop soon, why not centralizing a little.
So as the tittle says; what are the pros and cons about the CLAW (the item, not the drops huh)?

For those who got them, what kind of builds do you intend to work out?
I will post mine in a little whiles.

Cheers ya’ll

@Splatter a little editing on the tittle would be appreciated
@TheWindWeaver you’ve been the first to post a build, please share some feedbacks mate

Ehh…The claw…
You need charger,tele,and grapling hook.

Cus you can’t move?

Some builds are ok at all range (Electricians and heaters for instance), so not necessarly.
But thats the point of this topic, some brain storming, and examples :slight_smile:

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Here we go. Ain’t she ugly? BTW, claws are only myth level 5 atm

You paint that thing into green?
Man you love green.

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Hope this title fits thread purpose better :slightly_smiling_face:

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there is a hole at range 6+, also once you empty the shotgun… you are blind at range 2.
i think electric builds, with malice and hysteria, turning it into a sentry turret.
heat can use it also, but heat without range 2 wepons… is just cannon food, deadmeat etc.

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Range is always an issue for phys. Triying to work out other builds with NF and mighty canon.

Try this : 1 nf, 1 spartan, 1 anihil(or mercy), 1 top res drain thingy(forgot name).

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Willl try out. Weight management aint easy with these

He could get another mercy for the range 2. 6+ idk. Remove a spartan carnage for a mighty cannon?

yeah yeah… desert fury

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decrease energy and increase regen

Actualy i think on phis builds the higher energy cap is more important then regen.
You need to use all your energy wepons as fast as posible befor you get draine… and at 625, he might be able to spam 2x2 hits of those spartans befor beeing drained.
And then going in for the finish up touches with hook and gun, charge and gun.

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very true. Hit and run

as you say, master(20 characters)

no no no, i am not a master, i am just a regular guy with some opinions.
Not all are good, but if they are good for some, i am glad i helped.

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I’m trying to figure the best build for them… here’s version 3 of my tryouts:


İ like it much. İ guess youve got all uttilities equiped? (Claws are still uglier in green :wink:
How does it perform in arena?