General Thread - Smurfs


Chat fight lel.


Smurf is the person who lose rank to low(around 15) for earning wins right?
So if a person using suck mech to fight with high rank for losing wins they will be call frums?


He’s doing this to get relics.


POPSODA: Trash energy smurf who beat me twice before, but I finally got the better mechs and mostly beat both of his with one mech.

Note: images are not in order


They in same clan.
Bonus xD

Was having an okay time in arena and then THIS happened


Umm even when reset do u believe a guy with that mech stay in rank 9?


Shabbadoo, L4K3 deleted his post regarding MrOneTwo, so I don’t know what L4K3 said. However, knowing how L4K3 is, there’s no way L4K3 deserve those harsh comments you made. And to top it off, he admitted his mistake and apologized to you.

I’m thinking you went overboard with your anger towards him. You used very strong words. Let me ask you, if this same situation happened in real life, would you act the same way?


Found this guy. The rank reset made it worse. The smurfs got a free drop instead of having to quit battles to get them.


He doesn’t look like a smurf actually, his stats are a kind of weak.

But whatever, still a smurf.


Those stats are not weak for rank 7. At rank 7 people usually have 500 of one stat and 200-400 of the other, and when that happens, they have less than 2000 HP.


Didn’t know that you are MrOneTwo wow, but Nancy opened my eyes. You know too much about the old littlelost clan and its members so it must be you. Its really not nice to talk to people this way because you don’t like what they said about you. And pretending that its not you… @Wepwawet was right, be a man and don’t be Pluto.


Something like this. Only, in the case of ostriches, it’s just a myth, it’s not true. Only humans do this to hide, not ostriches.



Loooooooooooooool. BaNANCY.


to be fair to MrOneTwoo he gained all his medals before reloaded.


I saw Sir Golem or someone with a similar Build in Rank 13 yesterday.


This guy is regularly a fierce opponent up here. I applauded him at first but… Why?


Such a great clan :slight_smile:image
2 days 1600 wins :slight_smile:


They used to be such great players… may they die in peace



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