General Thread - Smurfs


Don´t speak in the third person. Assume your mistakes as a gentleman. You have the right to play little and stay in the lower ranks (you never liked playing too much, it’s true). But it doesn´t make sense to pretend to be who you are not.


Listen, there is clearly a personal issue that was touched here. I don’t understand why else would such flagrant display of anger would exist.

I want to ask you, don’t you think there is something wrong with the system if someone with such powerful account appears in such low ranks ?

I agree with you wholeheartedly that everyone is entitled to do what they want with their account within ToS and within reason. But hurting others experience for self satisfactory glory is not an acceptable reason, then again not necessarily the case for the player that you have exposed hasn’t played in a while.

However the issue lies in the system, that can be purposely exploited by other players. I belief anyone playing the game, whether high or low ranks can and should agree that a better system needs to exist, one that matches better so you don’t encounter a murder death mythical when you can barely muster a fully epic mech or so


Sorry my english skills so suck :frowning:


Just go on raid --
U can easily see them -


Problem is, clans put emphasis on multiplayer wins instead of normal wins. If you win 200 pvp battles you’re a rock star. It doesnt matter how you bring home the bacon, as long as you do. Whether you stole it from a toddler at IHOP or The Rock. A strip of bacon is a strip of bacon. There needs to be some modifier on the match up. Yeah, I can kick a 3 year olds butt, or your average tubby middle aged dad, but I ain’t stealing bacon from the rock.

Whether I get my wins at 19 or 3, a win is a win, and that is where we’re at.


Case in point.

Although, there are folks like the f2p dude.


Nice people down in the arena i see…


I actually felt so bad as soon as the matches started I offered an apology stating I wasnt smurfing to all I faced on the “main” and the last guy accused me of being a ginger Muslim. (The Allah guy). I had to snap that screen shot of the stellar, upstanding member of the sm community after I thought about it. Dont worry, he didnt make it past old blue. I wish I would have gotten the whole thing, it was hilarious. The player one guy was really nice. I think I had a good fight with him on my baby file. (Edit, which incidentally due to the current system, is the same rank as the file I usually get 3-4 with)


LONE WOLF , rank 7 - 6 even tho all his mechs are maxed


oh my god this is a general thread


I know Allah and Lone God too. Just fought them yesterday.


There is no personal issue . Someone falsely accused another player of being a smurf. They made an assumption based in zero fact . That is my problem here . It is also no ones business what any player does with their account . Tolerance of these things is subject to whomever reads the topic . To be quite honest the forums are for the most part full of idiotic ideas, conspiracy theories, and general disdain for the game. If anyone here has an issue with the way I spoke to that player I simply do not care . They were in the wrong and called out for it. I have zero problems with de rankers. If the game is not enjoyable go play another . If you don’t want to be called out base your posts in actual facts . If you want to defend their actions expect it will be met with a reply very similar to this.


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i have never been to htk
I do not know who you are talking about, I started playing in February 2018. Soon a year))

I just wanted to get another epic for 2000 clan victories, I got it))
Um, this is a series of epic cards. um 12-14 weeks without a legend or more.


and who are you?


I don’t have access to SM right now, that’s why I asked.




My God, Shabbadoo. I hope this isn’t the real you because I always thought you’re cool.


Did you even read my issue ? It’s called sticking up for a friend. Lake acted like an clown and was called out for it . I would do the same for you if we were friends . It is the real me .


Yes, something is wrong with the MrOneTwo account … for sure :exclamation:


And the way of his try to defend it, shows, that he don’t want that many people know about :exclamation:

I am glad that we got that info :exclamation:


Thanks a lot :exclamation: