General Thread - Smurfs

Daemond: Rank 3. Found in Rank bloody 13.


Versed this guy in my main account. Now I’m seeing him giving away wins and encountered him on my second. I wonder if it’s quit or smurf.


I’ve seen him on PB 2.5 @ rank 16-17


Sad shet.


I think he went down is because I kept beating him ._.


If he´s the same “daemond” who I know, he´s a cheating player who is a former member of the Shiro clan.

I insist that if he is the same, he was also part of the HTK clan for a while and then he was kicked.


It’s the daemond you know


He who has bad habits, has bad habits of all kinds. They are people who are attentive to the weaknesses of system to do any cheat.


Probably just ranking down to 20 to beat up people.


Or demon?
Or both??


From left to right is rank 8,12,10


It’s such a shame seeing players with so many medals do things like this…


Me or they?


Of course I was talking about them!
You’re just annoying,not a cheap smurf like they are.


I always saw Mr one two (medals Boi) replays’ section empty.
He only plays raid, I think.


Are their other builds as good as the ones you’ve shown (Left two players, not far right).


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Sorry,man.It seems I understood wrong.
I thought he was just like any other smurf who intentionally picks on the weak.Didn’t know he was a semi-retired player,so I’ll just delete that reply as not to give someone else the wrong idea,either.It just wow-ed me pretty bad how could such a player,with such mechs and so many medals stay in this low tier.

If you wanna spill anymore anger on me,you’re free to do so :slight_smile:

And if you’re to go down the ladder and hunt me,I’ll take my defeats with the honor of not quitting,not the ‘‘honor’’ of those who lurk in ranks and hunt weaker prey,in which case it’d be you.


Sometimes just better to leave well enough alone . Unless he has crawled out to blow a blue smurf load on you maybe just leave them be . Gentle F ing Smile


I’ve beaten Night Albatross’s ass so many times, I don’t even know why he bothers to smurf anymore.