General thread - Share your league rewards!


look what i got


3 epic…


Sad. Highest I’ve ever been, and I get this. At least I got a Devouring Paws.


3 epic kk


Me too.
Rank 5 reward.3 epics.
How in the hell did you get a legendary from a rank 15 box?


I got a legendary from a rank 15 box a month and a half ago


I can’t even remember when I got an legendary from the league box… ( I was silver )


i always get like 2 epics every season and i get 2 epics in like 5 item boxes


I get 3 epics out of rank 10 League box, minus once when I got a Windforge…


Since leagues started I’ve gotten two legendaries total - a Sith (bleh) and a Magma Blast (YES), both from rank 5 boxes. My brother got a legendary from a level 15 box though… another strike for RNG.


Last week, I got Valiant Sniper’s little, less desirable brother, Desert Fury.

Anyway, I still plan on mything it, as it fits exactly with my build weight.

I also found a Legendary Vandal Rage in my inventory, I don’t know how because I had all Epics in the last league box. Weird…


Weird… I didn’t get any legendaries from the league box since um months? I also can’t remember when I got any legendaries from any boxes cause my account is probaly glitched and so I got 15 epics from 3 shetty packs