General Thread - Season Winners


Hello and welcome to the new General Thread! It’s called:
Season Winners

In here you can see who won the clans and players of the week.

Keep in mind that you should not hate each other
Thank’s and enjoy seeing the winners!

Congratulations to Regin for 1st place award!
And congrats to WIwG for the first place!
And congrats for all other for getting second and third medals!


:heart: Congratulation to ALL winners ! :heart:

I like how one of the rewards is a power kit.

Like, TS, bro, give them all a Platinum Plate or something.


Yep… I remember top clans/players would actually get mythicals


I rather say legy.

Myth is too much.


@lordgorgon ,I love you brother!
You’re my no.1 even though the game places you at rank 2!


I like how beasty used shit emojis for llyl clan

Thanks for a good example of impartiality and professionalism, I appreciate your behavior in line with your position.



This is General Thread now.

I may will post more winers.


Our Cadbunny got his first star … I’m very happy about that !! One more star has been lit on the SM sky.


He also talked to me for a while.
He is nice.



Congrats to everyone that excelled last season.

Great newcomer CadBunny. Well done on Bronze!


you forgot to post this season’s winners,so i’ll do it :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats to Reign for 1st place! :1st_place_medal:
Congrats to HTK for 2nd place! :2nd_place_medal:
Congrats to LLYL for 3 place! :3rd_place_medal:


Congrats to bestplayeroftheworld for 1st place! :1st_place_medal:
Congrats to Cadbunny for 2nd place! :2nd_place_medal:
Congrats to TaediumVitae for 3rd place! :3rd_place_medal:

Well done to everybody!


Congratulations to my friend Cadbunny for 2nd place!
We were almost second place,bravo friends top 3
congratulations to all the players and clan peloton

thank you LegacyMech

Cadbunny,Why did you leave ? I am very disappointed


this is ,my rank 10season box and I got


I have third bunker :gentle_smile:


trade bunker for nightmare


no, second mechs and I do not know yet I’m looking for ideas


lol, a premium item for a crappy myth food.
Anyone up?
I dont think so.
By the way, congrats on leggie in rank 10 box… I have only been getting epics for EVER


Get more epics then it gives legends


Thanks for posting it.