General thread - Post your mech build here!



Yes 1 million coins o.O


almost 1 million coins :slight_smile:


This is too much damage!


Here is mine I do not teach my 3 mech because it is for the tournament of the goat



an i have some of your gold? lol


Farm Big Boy on normal lol



im shit compered with everyone


lol. i wanna do that


plz rate my mechs:

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
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Hey you forgot mine!

haven’t played ranked so far ._.



my mech how do you show a mech


Take a screenshot ( if you’re using a phone ) or the screen capture thing on the pc. Then go to the forums, click on reply and you will see an button at the bottom right corner. It will say “Upload” click on that and search for the file you wan’t to show. Then wait a bit and you should get a bunch of random letters. If you’re using a pc or any bigger devices than the smart phone you will see at the right side how it’s going to look like. Simply click on reply and you got the picture!


what is this about?

20 characters


Mine is terrible compared to your mech



L4K3 this my version of your mech…I made it just for fun

My real mech