General thread - Portal ideas


I think no one has made this thread post your portal ideas here now like a doulble xp portal double coins fortune boxes portal

  • Fortune box easy 20% hard 30% insane 40%
  • Coin portal
  • Xp portal
  • All the new weapons portal

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every one who saw this please vote if you dont want it dont respond or say no
Go to this poll in stead General thread - Portal ideas


I just want portal…Ez portal.


like i want gold and maybe a token portal, but what i mostly want from any kind of portal is that it’s actually beatable and it’s not like “oh it’s beatable but you’ll need like just max myths cause i only have 1 myth…”


All I want is an item portal which drops a GOOD E-M item and is not insanely difficult as the new Claw portal thing…


the new claw portal is to hard for me


So us,the 150-level players,will get double the nothing!

So,a portal that is just like a regular mission but gives fortune boxes?
Seems like a weak combo of two things that are better individually.
Firstly,we have a weekly gold portal,that gives around 10 times the amount of gold total.
Secondly,you can get fortune boxes on a daily basis by farming (RB etc,I never got a fortune in OD6 or any normal mission like someone said and I’m level 150,buying refills regularly and farming like crazy).
So no and no from me.


well then for you guys the triple the coins



maybe a TOKEN PORTAL! as i had said… just saying


Yep,it’s been suggested and I’m supporting the idea.


could you guys create a list of the portals you want then i will make a poll


I would like a fortune box portal


how about guaranteed 100% every try fortune box! (or just for 3 times per difficulty… pls nerf the idea)


How about every run on hard and insane has 40% chance of fortune box. Would have to be a fairly difficult portal thogh


i wouldn’t try that… specially because it’d only help the top players that could pass such “hard portal” like the claw


okay well i am done vote now


Remember to add a negative option,such as ‘‘None of the above’’ or just ‘‘No’’.


i cant it wont let me


You always have to leave a negative and positive vote and a neutral one so that people can vote in different ways in my case I am neutral I do not go neither in one nor the other :slight_smile:


Okay guys 2 more days to vote