General Thread - Maxed it!


I found that there is no general thread for maxing items but there is one for mything items… So here it is!

Which reminded me to post this:
Finally maxed mythed the whole mech!
Looks beautiful in black

Max falcon scoope



Gonna post my energy mechin whole black… In a thousand years that is.


It really does look Great
but this looks better in my opinion
Brown + Yellow/Gold = Life

the Zarkares ruins it though

I Maxed this as well


My ideal colour co-ordination



I already posted it there…


To get things started

My heat mech is now finally complete.


But how about the mods and special items?!?!?!




I love you.

No homo

Also that mech look blazin good.
I love it soo much


This thing hits basically like a nightfall


And this thing complements it


and then this happened


Maxed these in a couple of days. Savagery for Raids, StormWeaver for potential future use, along with Bunker for potential future use as I am already using one and there is no room.


The EMP is the only thing I don’t want maxed.


You’ve been keeping those for all eternity lol


Nope, literally just kept them at Level 40-45, then maxed em’ today.



Probably forgot to post this here

Someone used my screenshot in one of their videos lmfao


I knew that.