General Thread - Interesting Occurences

Post interesting and unique occurences here.

I’ll start things off: I was farming OD6 when this happened…



Looks like some screws became loose on the leg fitters lol


Nice General Thread

Yeah, I was rather… intrigued upon confronting this unique occurence.

That happened to me every time it’s on x2 Speed on Auto play so it’s common

Oh ok I thought my game was broken lol

I don’t even know anymore…

27 AM


He hit his own leg off XD


When you try to do a split

It happens to me when I use brightroar

It was happenimg even before reloaded on mobile

Something interesting happened for a second time on my friend’s account. He gets a couple of lvl 45 myth supreme cannons in his inventory, and is able to put them on his mech, but when he reloads they’re gone.

Sounds like he used the duplication glitch when BB still had it’s new sprite.

No, he doesn’t have any supreme cannons that level

Strange, that shouldn’t of been possible without having had the item previously.

I dunno then, that’s weird.

Yeah, I just wonder if it happens to anybody else

This supreme cannon glitched happened back in March

It happend again yesterday

Oh don’t mind him.
He is just learning kung fu.