General Thread. Finnaly got L-M


Hoooollllly friiiick!

I am soo happy.
I still wish if i get like…bunker.

By the way.
Welcome to the L-M thread.
This is where you send things about geting L-M stuff…

Ugh…yeah enjoy.


You said this is the thread about getting premium you go.

This picture is old,but…


People like me are going to hate you for making such a thread.


Meh i’ll say thank you for hating me lol.


No screenshot, but have abomination and ash creator


I have a Bunker that I’ll never use :neutral_face:



Old Prank


not old enough, I used to photoshop getting 5 myths out of a box.


Lol photoshop

Get out.

Kiddin but srsly post your real stuff.(I know it’s a joke)

Pls give it to me.



old pics first is rank 10 box second is heat bomb portal and last is prem box


give that abomi to me, thanks.


lol nah i need it jugfgiuvo8


Lol i goten Spartan when i got my sec acc.

Never goten WindForge.