General Thread - Finally mythed!




Friends, I present to you … my 5 mythical!

Now the annihilation continues! Well this was the most difficult to improve since I did not have many articles to make legendary so I took more with this but now I have more supplies so I can make the annihilation faster :smiley:

It is already taking the form of a physical mech!


my beast is ready :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Very well I also want one of those :stuck_out_tongue:


everybody… RUN


lol my friend is lucky than me
he got 2 of them
12 AM17 AM



it’s happening


lol you should be a top player like that


Great job!!

Actually before you myth something you should at least increase the previously mythed item to at least level 30


To improve a mitico almost to the maximum is the easiest thing in the world, it would only take about 4 days to do some things at level 30 although that would take away the productivity of doing the miticos for the second mech



I guess


7th myth!


oh hi mark


I perfer saying Carl than Mark.

I know dat meme


yes finally myth night eagle
31 PM


Wow my 7th myth has 7 likes…lol


lol my 50+ myth will have 50+ likes


my second beast is ready :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Dual wielding swords?lol


Really? I would use the WF over face shocker any day…in fact, I plan on just that when I get one and hand down my myth max faceshocker to my anti heat/phys electric