General Thread - Finally mythed!


el escudo físico legendario sin duda


I’ll leave that for the end :yum:


No,it’s not.


I really wish I could help people like you(i mean those who have low gold) I recently quit and have 3.3 miilion gold in my account.


Yeah… the rabbit drone series(dustmaker for phys,anguish for energy, and murmur for heat) all kinda suck…

UNLESS you are a boiler heat mech with at least a vandal rage, and wanna drastically reduce the cooling of enemy which also doing damage, then it is good.


Only Anguish sucks.

Dustmaker is the hardest hitting phys drone (besides void). And Murmur is one of the best heat drones between clash and nemo.

Anguish has no real place in energies broken retardation.


Yeah, dustmaker hits hard, but void hits harder(resist drain)
Like I said in the comment

That was reffering to murmur.
Anguish sucks, whatever be the case.


I would not hurt a million gold :v
But still I get gold as hot bread xD


SuperMechs- 2nd Myth


Congratulations!!! very good choice to improve the zarkares although which is your first mythical?


my first mythical was corrupt light
i didn’t post it here since i didn’t know this topic existed when i mythed it and also because i didn’t screenshot it


The recommendation that you will improve as your third mythical legs :wink:


i’ll think about it… well thanks anyways~!


nice one m8 (20 char)






Forgot to send my new myth here lol





second myth