General Thread - Finally mythed!


Boi…i love it…it’s blacc af


i just adjusted the brightness and the contrast to make it


No matter.

It’s just matter how is it soo beatufull…

Cause i like blacc lol


I can only dream having that badass weapon…


My first mythical! :smiley:


my 9th mythical


Congratulations and I have 12 mythical articles I’m going through the 13 and is about to leave the oven :laughing:


now people make tons of myths :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




This means that this is a good subject so they can boast that they make mythical like hot cakes :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally get my dream weapon ^^ :cookie:


They really need to buff those swords, dont they?


Idk I just get it like half hour and make it to mytical tier
But in the next upgrade they buff ^^


I maxed my butt today, now it’s thicc at lvl 50.

Isn’t it amazing?


Gee, Uchiha.
Nice sword thought


boom boom malice beem mitico comin` soon

used at least 2 languagez


Windforge is terrible


It’s good for mass drainers, although the FaceCancer has the same drain and triple the damage. However, FaceCancer has limited uses and requires more energy along with more weight.


Off topic: Whats about this drone should i use it ?


Anguish is a terrible drone. You’re better off with FS’s high dmg or Windforges high energy drain.


Friends today I come to announce … my new mythical!
What will be my next mythical?
very good question friends :v is Nigh eagle