General Thread - Finally mythed!

Well then, Time for my second myth Annihilation!


Keep the charge engine as it’s ultra rare.


i just love how you say it’s ultra rare and i got 3 in my first months of playing this… (once i came back with my legacy mech :sunglasses:)


The charge engine is not rare, I have had 3-4 spare but used them all for boosting


No its not i have gotten about 10

I have three of them,Two on legends and one on Epic, I also have two boosters, Four heat Engines and one Heat booster, All go to mythical So No need to tell me that cause I used to get them a lot before the Silver Nerf





physicals for life they are for real


Well the Rolling Beasts and improve them to mythical!

And well … What will be my next mythical?
Well it will be the Annihilation!



first maxed myth item:naga

what’s next?malice beam!


Ready improve the annihilation to mythic a new record 5 days between stronger and faster I do mythical articles!

And what will be my next mythical article for my physicist? Good question my friend! my next mythical will be Nighfalls



What do you need most?

Something to fill your 3-6 range or something to fill your 4-8 range?

I personally did CL > Savagery


smurf mechs(overheat based heat mechs using corrupt light, vandal rage, crimson rapture, and savagery) will eat you whole.




Very good!! You have a good torso although it has little cooling but it is not bad! :smiley:



so i took the torso and maxed it out for you. yw.
Sketch (31)


6th myth: