General Thread - Finally mythed!


I don’t speak spanish…
now I can speak…
and it is true, if you don’t believe you can count


You were fine but you skipped number after 12 xD


I forgot, I’ll count now


Better send me a capture of all the mythical ones and


I do not understand


Congrats @Antonio_Ortega


When my second mech is superficially in mitico we will have 1 vs 1 to see how powerful my mech is :slight_smile:


ok sure…come at me :slight_smile:


My 8th myth


Wow very good :slight_smile:


Finally Maxed this baby


That good friend is very easy to level up :smiley:


just 13th myth


I see a naga,I like!
My call.

Congrats on it dude.
Naga is an actual beast of a torso that can also be used for any build.

I also like how it’s your 13th xD


4-Detouring Paws
6-Anni :3
7-Iron Boots
11-Night Eagle
12-Corrupt Light
14-Malice Beam (soon)


Now that’s a way to start.

And yeah,I was like that too


Got my Zakares, Rolling Beasts, Annihilation, Nightfall, Mighty Cannon, Windigo, and Archimonde to max mythical.

Archimonde I deleted from existance


This gives me 3 max myth mechs, now I just need more mods


Should I do it? A lot of hard work is at stake isn’t there?


yes, they’re all useless items