General Thread - Finally mythed!


you should go to bed and i got you


But FireForge is more mentally stable and cute!
Just look at those 3 barrels ARGH,so kawaii.
Face Cancer is suicidal,it always lets its user down.

I love you dude.
I will,right now.


At least FancerCase does the same damage in 3 turns compared to what a LindWorge does in 9.


haha i got you okay :grinning:


And then just how painful is your mech’s death after these 3 turns?



Anytjkg but enrgyyyy!!!


faceforge is the best drone ever!


I has harness le power of cancerous facedrone!


thats great good for you


I have it too!


That’s not even how much a max energy drone does… plus it’s not max…

Wish I had one…

I have max faceshocker rn


Just yesterday improve this weapon to mythical Terror CryI have no image of the transformation I forgot


I have one, but I don’t really use it.


Bruh replace your epic flamethrower with a last words and then literally you just have to myth everything

  1. I don’t have a Last Words
  2. This isn’t my main account


4th myth here!I mythed my desolation




I mythed my 44th mythical yesterday but just lazy to post


That is true or false …


1st mythical (windigo) 2nd mythical (rolling beast) 3rd mythical(mercy) 4th mythical(void) 5th mythical(night eagle) 6th mythical(heat engine) 7th mythical(heat engine) 8th mythical(energy engine) 9th mythical(ash creator) 10th mythical(last words) 11&12 mythical(energy engine)…
41 mythical(bulldog) 42 mythical(sorrow), 43 mythical(murmur), 44 mythical(5th energy engine for my energy mech)