General Thread - Finally mythed!


From this i can see that you are mostly a energy mech and phys mech right


2 physicals and an electrician…that I’m kinda getting sick of…
Wait till I myth another Zarkares and that’ll change :slight_smile:


Your processor is powerful… Maybe 7x times powerful than mines one.
Anyway, nice NightFall! :wink:





I maxed up sorrow


On behalf of @SeanChoi1870 I would like to post this maxed Mercy that he requested me to:

I will pass on comments until he is able to join us in the forums in 9 hours.

He got this a couple of days ago and was so hyped about it. He really pushed himself to upgrade it quickly and here are the results! He is proud so don’t be mean and say “it’s nothing”


It’s not nothing,it’s actually awesome that he maxed it this fast.
Just like I maxed my 2nd Zarkares in 3 day,all the way from level 1 epic.
Good job,mate,and use it freely!


Sean read the message :+1:


Ew, get it away from me!


I can’t wait to get purely annihilated by this in PVP.

take it easy on me Sean


It’s nothing.


But it loves you :kissing_heart:


my second annihilation mythical :slight_smile:


5 grim cobra :joy:


It shows how much i do not care about them



Only 58 drain at myth? I’d rather use a facecancer.


Thay have the same draining ability…
But at least WaterForge doesn’t fall asleep every now and then.


Yes, but CancerFace does about 3x more damage.