General Thread - Finally mythed!


hey you arent dumb
thats what i am


should have painted it storm smfh


I have 2 Million Coins.
I have 68 Unclaimed Boxes.
I have 4 Unused Archimondes.
I have a fat stack of Myth Food.

Should I?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • F*ck you.

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Congrats, btw, i think marine camo is better.


@L4K3 @The_Yo_Yo_Man which color stay a full mythed archimonde? i was thinking about it right now…


Archimonde Finally Mythed!


Every max myth turns black.
I,for one,painted it white.


And I maxed mine. That’s nice.


It’s a beauty of a torso.
Even so,the joints seem a little off…


No kidding. It’s a nice one.


I will use him as an marine camo paint.


ultrahot protecter mythed


Now this,is an LEG


Beware, I’ll be stronger than before ^^

(Now time to max legend my Supercharge Prot and make some myth kibbles :smiley_cat:)


Ok…but do you have 2 claws???


(Maybe I would have utility for one, but 2 is one myth kibble to me… :smiley_cat:)

I think when I’ll have full max mythed module setup with maxed Arena Shop my mech would have around 2k HP, beast Elec resistance, and high Heat/Phys resistance if i don’t drop single premium Protectors inbetween ^^)


Still think of elec res of something useless…


Well…when you face Last Words/Grim Cobra/Malice Beam or any other F2P weapons, I can tell you that you feel the difference in HP taken from shots…
(as long you’re not energy broke)


Ah, maybe because i never energy broke XD