General Thread - Finally mythed!


Now this,is thicc boddy.
Now i need legs to be extra thicc.


Next in my bucketlist. :wink:


why would you myth this?even i,the biggest suporter of heat think that dawn is not as good as others.but i mythed corupt light and savegry so who am i to talk.




Next: either Malice Beam or Ultrabright


Malice Beam.




Yes! I know what I’ll sacrifice for MB. :wink:


DawnBlaze is a damage-oriented heat weapon,which is genuinely more effective in higher ranks.


i will put money on this if i could but screw it.
i have not seen any rank 3-1 player with dawnblaze.
then again i use a corupt light + savegry boiler build so who am i to talk.


Don’t ask me why please.


Why? Man… Why? Why did you do this?


Can you just please see the news?


Nevermind I didn’t knew it got buffed


It’s okay…
We all know why :slight_smile:
I have one waiting to be mythed myself.
One hour after seeing that it got buffed and I have already upgraded it to level 38 and painted it white!


I knew it that i shouldn’t lose it.
Amaizing job TS.


Ehh , goodbye brutality hello archimonde…


Let us help you…


I feel fuqing terrible.
At least it has more energy.


I’m dumb af.