General Thread - Finally mythed!


Dual Annihi, Purifier, Desolation, heat drone, etc ^^

A drained Claw is not always a defenseless Claw ^^


Not really.
If you give it enough firepower and properly cover the range,it’s more like an universal sentry.
That’s because you can afford the weight for more weapons,without the necessity of 1-2 plates you’d normally put on it.


I still think it is a sitting duck :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Well,that was one fast mything.


my main acc zark the zark before is from my second acc


i also mythed zark
it took a lot of usefull items away but that 1130 hp at max myth is worth it


well, at least.




Man, wrong topic :wink: maxed it is right topic, but still congrats

OK it’s now good :slight_smile:


Upss , one moment (20 char)




Related image

Body seems unclear… XD



Finnaly maxed lightning scope.
If anyone is wondering with maxed energy and electric dmg.
Energy dmg is 340
Electric dmg is 682-855
Max dmg I ve recorded is 1055


For maxed ones, the topic is this my friend


The same thing XD oh well…


Btw, still prefer falcon, gives more punch, with less cost XD


Yup but putting falcon on a energy mech is like putting lightning supporters on a zark XD


may i please ask how to do that


Got no clue wondering the same thing.


I already have this Lightning Scope Maxed a month ago, best damage recorded by it is a whopping 1203 Damage… In Campaign.