General Thread - Finally mythed!


Murmur has very nice damage. Even tho my opponent had ~80 res it hit for 80 dmg.


Murmur is the best heat drone IMO because it does cooling damage


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, except for clash in damage heaters


I changed from clash to murmur in my damage heater, any problems?


Is it pure damage, or a hybrid? I guess I could see murmur in a hybrid.


Pure damage with a HB as a support weapon.


Can I see your mech?


Second one.
Let’s not go offtopic, if you want to talk send me a pm.


I have the same exact mech as you, except no heat bomb


So i did some good myth.

Huehue i’m a genious.


this happened yesterday lol


Naga mythed!
For my another energy mech


Nice build, a Damage Energy.

But fun fact, that will end up with f*ck all HP, unless it is a Pure Energy without Heat mods.


Bro, chill.

His torso is only level 1 mythical. And as you can see by that heat. He probably doesn’t use heat mods at all.

Or maybe I’m wrong?


I am not mad, it’s just a way of saying “Very Low HP” :stuck_out_tongue:
Also I knew it’s a Level 2-5 Torso with no heats mods, but doesn’t Naga has low max HP? So it’s gonna end up in 1500+ HP.






My favorite drone.