General Thread - Finally mythed!



That all in one day?


I can’t use ShockWave, and probably never will. That is just just way too heavy of 57 weight of literally trash drain, unless it is a Phys counter.






That’s some nice myth.


exactly, that’s why i was saying that when they made a push drone is should not be the heaviest or heavier than the rest
because push is not an op stat
all it does is… push!
now if the thing had better drain and dmg, maybe even another skill then maybe just maybe the weight would be worth it

but people were like “no, push is too op, needs more weight”

am i like the only one that really thought that push shouldn’t make it weight more? probably


Well, but they are useful for Claw energy builds.


is a free last words for sum more weight


But 57 weight is still too heavy, heavier than Nightfall even.

It should be 51, but nevermind that we are getting Off Topic.


New drone should’ve been 45-48 max.

It just discourages energies from using it at all. Which is the opposite of what they want/need.


Try me atheist.



weapon name:mercy
max damage at lv1 myth:335




I’m finaly over with mything heat’s.
Now it’s time to shine my claw mech.


Why nemo though…


It does good max heat damage…but in all honesty I would rather have Clash or Murmur


I don’t have Murmur.
Other drones aren’t impresing me.


Good point, that makes sense


The thing is that it’s pretty good drone for having Max heat dmg.

I’ma desapoint my oponets with this huehue.