General Thread - Finally mythed/maxed!



Did I made it ?


Give me that, now :open_mouth:


Give you the TP ?

No thanks, I need it ^^

Both because I’m nearing fully maxed myth main mech, and it’s useful to me ^^


I want for my damage energy…


Why would you Myth a Teleport? has Higher Energy cost now…


I use it on my main mech (kinda Diamond Shell inspired), and it has “crappy” energy stats…
1 or 2 volleys and I’m energy-broke, so…
Higher or not cost doesn’t really change me anything when I’m against Energy mech…

Actually, I use it in order to, either:

  • move myself on the field at the beginning of the battle, if I really need to
  • finish Heat/Phys mech with REALLY little HP left (and if I still have an action point left, I can use my BB to combo)


He, I just thought of something

What If you could use your teleport and stay on the same spot?

you use it, stay in the same spot, your opponent thinks you changed your mech and changes too, now the battle is in your favor…


That would be a good idea :white_check_mark:
But people would catch on pretty quickly :x:
Plus you could actually want to transport and accidentally transport in the same spot you are :x:




You know adv tp is more focused on energy damage?


I did not


Because it is :slight_smile:


I thought it’s not possible to TP onto the same spot.


It is not, just a idea from some player.


Okay, now i have two BR mythed :slight_smile:
Chop chop :crossed_swords:



Takes forever to max that Cooling mazz booster


Don’t worry, I’m all set


I think you need triple of that. You don’t even have to max it. You can stop at lvl 48.