General Thread - Finally mythed/maxed!

What did you even mythed last?

Nightfall for my phys
After that I just maxed my myths

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I could just max my heat mech right now…

I am working on 2nd mech dawnblaze and the modules

@Ricemech88 much hard to get one? im thinking to use one for my energy too… is worth to replace a last words for it?

ooo… seraphblades are cute

tell me what legs it is, some fire legs? what is them?

Sparked Runners.


o god nice! you lucky lol

u want a taste @FiringBot??and I use it @The_Yo_Yo_Man so I will tell him

idk lol i didn`t needed it alot
all i want is know about all new items that was added

these are the best rollers in energy because its the only energy roller

i have dynamic stompers and its ok

Off topic u want a battle to see how nice it is??

no thanks, i getting tokens

I will get this by this place :stuck_out_tongue:

why everyone had putted at 2nd place lol

check what u wrote!ok

i at 2nd place too

show it to me now with a sreen shot