General Thread - Finally mythed/maxed!


Welp,I chose to buy paint instead of wasting my money on boxes.
I invested around 5o euros total and got nothing worth of that money.At least,white paint serves me a purpose,unlike C-E epics that they blindly sold me.


sorry but we got heat bomb and abomination for this kind of situations




They recently changed the rolling beasts look by removing a yellow strip of paint just like they did for Windigo


Sorry but I know when to cooldown to avoid shutting downs :sunglasses:


and we got high heat caps so we dont have to cool down :sunglasses:


Sorry…but what?my physical can actually destroy maxed myth(excluding modules)heat mechs :slightly_smiling_face:

PM me :kissing_heart:


my 4th myth


EMP wills destroys u :slight_smile:


Nah i don’t care.
I did destroyed someone with EMP


lol my max legendary desolation has the same stats (with the buffs) of the lvl 1 myth deso


No, you don’t spam with your topic… it exist so much topic about thaat :skull_and_crossbones:
And i will make my own :japanese_ogre:

To have something own… wha ha ha :exclamation:


Are you acting like besty right now?



That wuz cuz u wuz luck ee


It wouldn’t be your last mythical.
You still need to myth your modules :upside_down_face:


I will only improve the modules at level 40 I have something more important than improving the modules to mythic :upside_down_face:


Modules are more important to me then weapons as of right now xd


mything claw is now a waste of



You deserve a like.

I can’t cause i wasted it