General Thread - Finally mythed/maxed!


Oh sh*t Imma be careful now


You win if some madman has an EMP so you will not overheat an energy


get rekt you corrupt light mechs :sunglasses:


What? Ok then. :ok_hand:


Should I myth Void, Mighty Cannon, or another Nightfall?


Either Void or Nightfall, but not Mighty Cannon.


I don’t care if I lose to you.but what matters is if I win against other people


What do you have against it? It has infinite uses and more damage than the Nightfall at the cost of no resistance drain. However, it’s a good pull weapon that works with NF’s like how Night Eagles work with Anni’s.


I didn’t say anything about that .-.

But keep I mind, My weakness is heat and physical mechs :wink:


I didn’t say anything about Might Cannon either, it’s just better to myth Void or Nightfall first ._.


Oh, oops, sorry. I would myth Nightfall first then, because of its high damage and Void next.


Ok, Nightfall would be much stronger anyways, then Mighty Cannon for last. Also sorry if this is going off topic.


mmm… my legs now be real T H I C C


That’s nothing to the T H I C C E S T legs of all time! (I forgot the name of it, it goes from Epic to Legendary, but it’s not Power Bottoms or Chromium Crushers)


metal maniacs


Myth drone first mate…


What’s the point? Mything the NF has much higher benefits.


I just mythed them Rolling Beasts and painted 'em.
But wow…I never expected them to be this ugly!


Ugly?!?!?!?! they’re THICC.

(I just realized look at those two cannisters above the front track,the whites don’t match lmfao).


One potential plat plate worth of paint here…