General Thread - Finally mythed/maxed!


If you have make mythicals, plz go to this topic, don’t make useless topic again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again…
What should I upgrade thread: General Thread - What should I myth next?
This should go to spam but wait first:)

My third mythical
New Item Portal - The Claw
My first mythical!
Hello my mythical legs :3
I'm about to do it , once again
Mythed my Night Eagle
Finally mythed the desolation!
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No one make myths…


Wait until I get home.
I have a surprise for you.


Took me a while to find these screenshots.
Remember that I promised you that I have a surprise?
There you go :slight_smile:

Not all of them are maxed yet.Only these 4.
Don’t ask me why I included 2 screenshots of Naga.You know the story.


Why would you

  1. Myth 2 nagas
  2. Max a sith



Lol it’s the same naga,one when he mythed it and one when he maxed it


Well,I actually did myth two Nagas.
Some time ago,I was dumb and got rid of my first Naga,thinking my Sith’s better.


My myths in order


It is not maxed myth list…





Good job on mything an Annihilation!
That’s a trustworthy weapon and it’ll help you a lot.


Get rekt detouring paws.


Here is only that what I can do.
So close to rekt paws.


I see Naga (my call),Windigo (my will),Annihilation (my strenght) and NightFall (my demise).
I like it.


I just made myth and maxed another reckoning. Preparing my 3rd. heat …

Like always remain the phys in store … just in case …


My 4th myth is a cooling module.
Yep, i’m a genuis


thank you i will be mything my second one next


another one myth but forgot to pic
name - naga.
lol, its it like l4k3s fav thing


Naga is the call of the void and the eye of the abyss!
Hell yeah,I love it!