General Thread - Finally got this item


I got a good heater already lol.

Flaming grapple hook and murmur equipped. That platinum hook goes to the phys.


well the platinum hook can help you with no cost and more damage


He’s got a physical where that item is insanely useful.

Plus so far his heaters pretty well done (still wondering how to make it a triple magma tho) lol


I’m having all sorts of ideas. Currently trying to think of how to change VR for another MB.

I’m considering switching Zark to Brutality and VR to MB. I’d lose 103 health though, and I don’t know if it’s worth it…

yes I know VR is good, but MB is better. Fight me.

Edit: I’ve decided to drop my reckoning for the second MB, gives me some extra weight for mod upgrades. Gimme a month and I’ll have it all maxed…


i can say i got rolling beasts and mighty cannon


Why do you guys get magma blast?

I need only that item soo that i can be done!


Look what legendary I got after like, 40 rare and epic fortune boxes!(not from portal, by the way)


Finally, my third pemium item!(abomination and ash creator are the others)


was this from the portal?


Nope, bigboy normal
20 chars


Dammit, was hoping it was from the portal q.q


Uless you can get a legendary from normal mode,(without the fortune box) I think not.


What is the best place to farm for fortune boxes?


some people say OD 6, but others say frozen thingy insane(molotov is the boss)
I dont know, but whatever.
I just do bigboy cause i dont wanna level up too quickly.
Once level 150, i will check it out.


I really hate when people say OD6. It’s only ever dropped 3-4 Fortune Boxes (for me) and this was months ago.

I’ve run each difficulty constantly for 3 refuels each before. Never got one from any.

Ramboy was my go to FB mission due the fact, every so often I would get them. Hell I used to stack to 50 every few days just from RB.

Notable missions to farm would be the one directly After RB and Molotov.

But in the current version of the game. I can’t really say which place is good for them for two reasons.

  1. The drops have been so bad I’ve long given up farming in campaign outside of portals/or for gold.

  2. Each mission seems to change often, at least by my guess. I tend to notice drop changes with missions pretty quickly.

All I can say now, is try them all, thoroughly and see what you get.


that’s where I got my brightroar


Forgot to post a claw here.


just got supercharge protector


Pretty useful in raid. Pvp maybe, but I’d primarily use it in raid. Worth keeping tho


Well its not an item but i got 9/10 Electric Damage 2 days ago


got this out of a premium box…

but it is fine, i will take it