General Thread - Finally got this item


When you get an item and want to show it to everyone, do it here.

Instead of making the same kind of topics saying you got this and that, clogging up the forums.


it’s fun to clog up forums though



when you dont actually have any of the items wou want…
childhood ruined
plz dont flag this… it’s only my opinion on the current drop rates im having


This topic is gonna die tbh. Lol.


Because no one is lucky lol


These threads are only useful when they can be seen everyday or it’s been pinned.

@Elcent is there such a way to have all the General Threads to be pinned to the top of the forums or something like that?


put this in the meme thread mate.


U jealous?
Y’know why?


If it’s about the StormWeaver,you’d better lock your mouth and hide the kids or maybe I will summon a Supercell Storm for real :slight_smile:

Is it really a StormWeaver?


I finally got a energy storage unit today :slightly_smiling_face:


who wants trade?





you lucky arse



U get that from the fortune box?
wut bux did u get it un


2 days ago,already max myth


What items where they I got bright roar by fortune box to 1 st legend-myth


Prepare for a very, very, very long post.

So I just happened to get the $100 special offer (6500T, 670k G) pop-up today. I thought ‘Hey, why not, I haven’t spent money for a while (like 3+ months), and there’s a sale on. Why not?’ Here are the results. I give a summary at the end, and I didn’t post the pics of boxes with only epics.

So. That’s 25 boxes, of which 17 had at least one legie. So let’s break it down into the good, the bad, and the ugly:

Platinum grapple hook
2 Magma Blasts
Heronmark (my first one)
Ultrahot Protector
Myth food for days (just over 20% legendary)

No Bunker Shell
No Crimson Rapture
No Abomination
(I still have yet to see any of these)

No Platinum Plates, Max Protectors, or Claws.

Conclusion: my wallet is empty, I need rage therapy, and TS is laughing at me.


I would be happy with what you got

My standards are semi low


you can make a good heat mech with these…