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my mech is looking so good right now lol (this is only if you know what fortnite is or play it)



Isn’t this a bit…off-topic ?


yeah a little bit…


lol i got this legendary from the silver box that costs 6,500 in the shop

Im going to make my mech a heat mech now. What weapons should i use for my mech and what weapons should i keep.


Legendary from silver box?!..


Seems like you already started lol

Get rid of Nightfall and Sweetie

Use Flaming Hammer instead of BackBreaker


Wait… Silver… Box?


Ok, so I have this alt my bro gave me, and I am trying to build a heat mech. I think I have some pretty decent parts. I am am not sure if I want to go full on boiler or for a rocket king or what. I have very limited knowledge as far as heat mechs go. Advise please.


ur gonna need a cooling damager if ya wanna be a boiler


I suppose you are right. I am just trying not to myth more stuff than I have to. I was leaning toward energy free, since that seems to be the meta. I don’t have the op heat drone though. I may need to just lose a heat, add a energy mod, and build a rocket king. I have the push game on lock. I have one of the drainer things though


Which one?


  • 1st
  • 2nd

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Why does it look like turd?


Because it is one lmao

btw while you’re here, any improvements?

best I could come up with using what I had


Be right back.

(placeholder for better mech, remind me in 20 minutes or so)


Thanks, I can always count on you to help me


Not anymore, muwahahahaha :smiling_imp:


Oh man…:neutral_face::unamused:


@cyanine it’s been 20 minutes


Will I use Same items you showed or can I use different?


different, but depends on what you use