General Thread - Build Help


I honestly struggled against this kind of build.


Really? my ocd would kill me if i didn’t maxed all those modules…


your ocd ?



Other known as perfectionism, but only in some cases. In others, it’s a lot more serious,


Yeah, like chicken just explained, i’m a perfeccionist guy…Cant stand something incomplete…


On a scale of 1-10 how severe?
1 being “don’t mind if it is or not but it looks good”

10 being “If that’s not straight. I will do bad things :dizzy_face:


Something like 7-8, where i can stand a bit of mess, but not too much :slight_smile:

Like this, right now i know i need to max myth this last module, but my other mech need better treatment first, so when my priority had been solved, then i come back to full myth this little guy :slight_smile:


'tis a great mech! I like it!


He and my physical are taking me to rank 5 right now… I really wanna get to 4 :slight_smile:


You’ll get there quite soon imo


OCD is a real thing. If you had it on a scale of 10 (worst case scenario) and something was wrong, you might be in severe depression, not eat for a long time, and have nightmares almost every day while being agitated at everything that you see and/or harm people.


Its weird, because my room is a mess, but any other thing i cant stand being half-made…


Then you can’t stand being in my account lmao


Much messed? probably i would quietly scream: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK! :joy:


No, all myths are NOT maxed, except for my Energy mech.


I would use all your gold and tokens to max myth everything then :slight_smile:


I wasted all my gold into maxing my Energy mech. And my tokens are wasted, buying 2 packs


Argh, i’m not gonna farm for you, i give up :joy:


My OCD is at the level where (a) I max all my modules, even though it’s technically a waste and (b) I refuse to use my energy mech until literally every item in it is myth level 41.


Lol, you’re worse than me :joy: