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Everyone says “It’s an energy and phys counter” but they don’t realise that heat and phys counters still allow players to switch out when energy broken or whatever, while if you get heat bombed… you’re down for an entire mech

That’s why I say Energy mechs should be rounded or Heat +Energy counters


That’s a fair point. I main Heat so I understand that very much.


My take on the energy/phys counter, currently being built by me. Similar to the mechs above but slightly different.

Sub in a cooling booster if you’re worried about heat bombs.


Holy crap.

I was like… 762 energy? Is Naga that terrible? I’m missing something… wtf

Then I saw the regen.


People gonna be ‘yo, easy kill.’ And then I shrug off the EMP.



Other people gonna be

“Yo’, easy kill.” and then they taterize your 2.1k HP with Bunkers lol


Yeah… probably. Dunno how else to build it though, I really wanna use both Valiants and I haz no bunkers…


Certainly an interesting build/concept! But as @Winz_Kay said above, I believe Energy mechs have to be slightly more rounded than other builds.


What should I myth next?

  • Mighty Cannon
  • Short Ranger
  • Last Words
  • Viking Hammer

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Drone = Myth Void

Drone = Myth FS

How good is this heat/NRG counter? Drone is another windforge that I got.


Yeah, but with that low regen even i without valiants can drain this big boy :blush:


Why do I see so many builds with double valiant sniper


Because valiant sniper is OP. Simple as that.


This boy is a pretty undrainable boy because it’s going to take you a very long time, the only way to stop him is with 2 EMPs, 1 EMP and 2 Valiants or basically, killing him quickly.


Still need help with my builds.


Anyone whom wants to copy this copy it now.


what is that…



A cooling destroyer mech. Destroys the enemies’ cooling then overheat them a bunch.

By the way a cooling destroyer mech is generally pretty weak in HP, this one is not.


But the heat cap seems a bit low…


Its going to be destroying it’s own heat more then the enemies…


You’re just following whatever YGGM says right?

Well… Ya’ll right, but that cooling is pretty amazingly high. So chances are, it’s going to be low.