General Thread - Build Help


It’s perfect, but… Drone?


I couldn’t fit it in with the weight… :sob:


What do you suggest then?


I knew it was too good to be true


What do you mean!!?? You aren’t elaborating enough for me to understand!


Any mech without a drone is slightly less better… unless you really plan it out. When you mentioned that the drone is missing, I knew that the mech you created was too good to be viable.

And I’m making a mech of my own for you, hold on


Much appreciated! Thank you for the elaboration, good sir!



lmao, this is gonna take a LONG time to drain to be honest



How’s this? Cyanine and @KNIGHT


This is the Anti Energy and Anti Phys, right?
Or is it a Rounded?


With just enough to survive accidentally starting against a heat


So it is an Anti-Energy / Phys?
Edit: Nevermind it’s quite obvious… Sorry :sweat_smile:

I love the build and will work towards it as well! Thank you so much!


You know, anything that’s coming across Physical should AT LEAST have some above 2200+ HP right?

But it’s a nice rounded build not gonna lie.

I like this better though.

Has a 0_0 style Energy Cap and Regen, but I will say that it is a somewhat better regen than his lol


But that Cooling would get destroyed…


Yeah, I had to sacrifice some hp for minor protection against heat


I like it, not gonna lie.


Yeah because it’s not made for Heat, it’s made for Physical mechs and Energy mechs


I like that choice better, personally.


True. But accidents occur. Better to be safe than sorry, amirite?