General Thread - Build Help


Will someone be that kind and will show me this mech with maxed stats how it will look? Utilities are new drone, tp and phys grappling, weapons you see


Here are the Maxed stats for this build, no arena shop bonus applied…


Thx, nice, around 2400 HP with arena bonuses


It’s going to be at least 2500< HP, but specifically it’s going to be 2494.


Anyway without res that a doll for beating…


On rank 10-7 it will be enough, because its anti heat, for energy and phys I have energy with LPV


It’s true. Resistance is a necessity in the current meta… with LPV and MPV, anyone without will be easily chomped on


Would it work? @cyanine or any other energy user…


Go at range 4,you dead.

Better put last words by replacing 1 ash in my opinion.


Sparked runners are there for that reason, to get out of range 4 :joy:
I could take out the teleport and hook for one more space too :thinking:


Oh wait…i didn’t looked at res stuff for an second lmao.

Eh you can survive…

Except that someone can HB the sht out of you.


Its pure energy to counter phys, not heat really.
Btw, now with bigdaddy having 152 of drain, i could change too… 180 of drain for 152 is too much of difference? i mean, it will weight less, but two bigdaddy would drain 304 while two ash would drain 360… but with ashes i don’t have space for one Bunker for 2-4…


What do you mean range 4 :man_facepalming:

Range 3 is the problem



Yeah, well, i don’t have space for anything else, help…


Range 4 and 3 are messing with my brain position sometimes


Even though there’s Sparked Runners, Range 4 is still a huge problem. You’ll lose a few moves and a few damage.

But when you’re fighting energy mechs you’re probably likely going to be pushed by a Last Words or BunkerShell. Not sure about Phys though.






Remove two of those, put on nightfall, drone, better legs, cooling booster