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I ran a build similar that except I didn’t have a claw and it was a rounded. But if you mean the weapons layout, it works like any other phys mech plus the fear of falcon


So Myth it is then!

Time to raise a little bird.


is the extra iron plate necessary

i woul probably snap on another cd booster and another heat engine


Just maxed out everrything


Go for 2 if you want it to be extra heat prof


Too late I already got my Falcon Mythed.

Plus this build is sweet, has Double Teleporter on :wink:


Nice man :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: but still extra heat is sometimes good


Need help for my energy mech


What should i do for this physical/heat mech so i make it completely heat or transform it into a physical one?


ha ha i get the joke


phys is honestly the better one
remove the sweetie.its an energy support weapon.get an anihilation its important for a phys.if you dont have claw use iron boots.night eagle might be usefull.
as for a heater never make the mistake of dual corupt light or dual savegry.waste of weight and a slot.
hp isnt lookin too good.nightfall,anihilation and backbreaker are the best dmg sources.two of them need energy and energy mechs can have anything from hysteria malice beam to straight up valiant sniper.all of those can drain really fast. please show the mods and we’ll give you more advice.



Also This is my other mech

and mods


take of the lvl 4 regen mod and use that unused mod you have
never use capsules.they suck.dont bother maxing them.
protector can stay cus its premium version is very rare.
same for the plate.also max all of them and replace them when you get the premium versions like plat plate.
thats all i got
some other pro could provide more help


should i use vandal range or desolation for the other top slot?



max the cooling mass booster and remove capsules.max the plate and resistance mod.
as for weapons its just a custerfuck.keep hysteria,seraph blade and malice beam.the others are transform food.
for a torso go with either naga or grimreaper.i would suggest naga cus of the better heat stats.
seraph blade despite how good it is doesnt belong here.again,the hp is suffering.heat mods also required.for a low rank second mech thats good energy.
ask other players cus i am not the best at this game (im rank 11/10) nor am i the brightest mind here.


none of them are really good
deso got nerfed to shiet
vandal is ok for a boiler
a good boiler uses heat bomb
also i recommend zarkares for both of the mechs (more for the first one)
zark when maxed gives 1130 hp and thats nothing to laugh at with arena shop bonus,claw and plat plates (most common set for phys mechs).


Desolationned is not nerfed right now, BUT it will at the end of the week if devs doesn’t change their minds…


He says As he see’s a very op weapon


what does LM mean?


Legendary - Mythical tier