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Heck yeah, some actual advice from Build Help

I will try the adjustments you recommend, thanks mate


I know you like the 1k mark but replaing either the cl with dawnblaze, or the savagery with deso and removing charge would go a long way. having all boiler weapons isnt a great idea


I’m not going to ask for build help as in modifying its core stats/weapon setup,but I will ask for help regarding its aesthetics.
Do I leave it like this:

Do I make it completely black?

Do I make it completely blue or another color?

Do I paint it white?

  • Leave it as it is.
  • Make it black.
  • Make it blue/another color (comment)
  • Make it white.

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make it black so social justice warriors dont call you racist


image need help with this energy build


White is the new gold


Counter something or just pure energy? btw, take that grimcobra out, its worthless, as most of energy work from distant ranges…


it is a pure energy build I guess just to nuke other energys


If you want a pure energy, equip torsos grimreaper or naga if you have them…or even zarkares, but idk how modules for zarkares goes…
Lets see:
It has few hp, so i’m gonna pass you my modules setup…
2 Iron Plating
1 Multi Res or 1 ENERGY res
1 regen booster
4 energy modules…
Edit? I use Naga because it has more hp, but you can use GrimReaper for more energy…

For weapons you need a hysteria for long range, malice for middle is good, for 2-4 last words is perfect…
Take out the GrimCobra and put another malice beam, to drain enemies faster or if you prefer you can use a viking hammer to keep close range enemies away…


Paint it black and white(Marine Camo) like this


Its not worthless lmao what u talking about


What next? Mighty Cannon or Malice Beam or Terror Cry or Viking Hammer?

  • Mighty Cannon
  • Malice Beam
  • Terror Cry
  • Viking Hammer

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Its dead weight for energy, at least for me.


My brother’s account uses grim cobra and it works fairly well. Help him deal with desolation and valiant users (he’s rank 10 with no prem items). I could see how grim wouldn’t help as much in high ranks, but it’s not bad in and of itself.


I would,but it’s way too expensive.
Even white paint is already expensive enough (700 tokens).



When it comes to being classy… tokens are no object. :wink:


I take my words from magic, might be costy, at least you will look cool even without premiums…


I’d say keeping it black is best, looks cool, comes completely free once you max myth the item


Which is better




  • Build 1
  • Build 2
  • Build 3

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I have made a tight decision, this build works? If yes, I’ll myth the Falcon.

  • It works, now myth the little dumpling.
  • It doesn’t work, so shut up.

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