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Here, this one is better:

Still pretty blah on range 1-3. But it works.


Hm, as I said LW + MB it’s my setup of side weapons but I use other items so I have weight for hammer


Maybe, throw far with hammer and Valiant on enemy… Range 1 solved, 4-8 is solved too, but 2-4 that might suffer a bit…


I have a bit of fear of last words run out of uses… About malice, i use mortalbullet, same drain but at 2-4 of range…


I would say if you want to save a few spare Kgs, go for Charged Walkers or Lightning Supporters

CW: 16Kg saved, same HP, a bit tighter and lower direct damage, more energy drain, same mobility
LS: 14Kg saved, same HP, speadier and lower average direct damage, way more energy drain (*2 basically), same mobility

Up to you, just saying ^^


Okay, now it doesnt suffer from 2-4 range, but just have one valiant :cry:


I put recoil to keep annie phys away from me…


Believe me, it takes some training, but soon you will learn how to use LW and not run out of uses too early, sometimes it’s needed to sacrifice dmg


Np, but keep what I saied in mind next time you want to build something ^^


I love this… Soooo much!


I know it deals quite the punch, but already have moments the 3 uses screwed me, that way what saved me was recoil stompers :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I understand really :slight_smile: But I have tracks so sometimes i need to go backward and use Malice instead of LW just to save uses


In that sense, i think mortalbullet will end up saving me, besides it have the same range as LW, it is free of heat :slight_smile:


Yeah, but can be drained so damn fast that it will insta stop of moving XD


It has 500 heat and energy and is more for phys fighting…


Yeah, i noticed… Don’t have spartan? Would be so fuking terrible with spartan together :open_mouth:




Minecraft? no, this server is tibia’s server, minecraft server is better XD


Interesting idea… core stats are kinda low though. Heaters and energy both would mess it up pretty bad.

How about this: