General Thread - Build Help


btw don’t worry weight will be ok


1st mech:

An energy engine will not make any difference.On that build,it’s a waste of space.
Better replace it with another heat engine/booster and have it as an anti-heat/phys mech.


Make the second a phys/energy counter.

If you also wish to do good against dual elemental build,you could make a rounded,as well.


Gotta agree with the advice above. Aside from all that, just max the mythics you have and you should see a difference.


You need to drop a weapon and get two more mods in that guy. Personally, I’d drop savagery and switch deso with SC. A cooling booster and that max protector would fit nicely into those two empty spots.


I want it to be dmg heater, not boiler. Any advices what should I get? I have also Dawn Blaze but epic, drone is heat point, there is no teleport (accidentally fused common one but will get soon) and is L-M grappling heat one


Which one is better as a true anti-phys build ?

(btw, no Arena shop on the stats)
Editlog: Added some modules to Molten build


With no claw, it stay hard to call it anti-phys…Res or hp… I would say the res one is good, since i know hp is important, but a nice res can save your ass sometimes against phys…


Well…I don’t have Claw…
And both builds have Resistance, it’s a must have to me ^^


Very interesting build… very interesting. Switching legs to scorching feet will give you a few extra kgs, since you don’t need 2-knockback stomp. Honestly, heat stuff is just too heavy for 5-weapon builds to really work… but I couldn’t say what you should drop.

One question before I go on - do you have a Heronmark?


@cyanine @Kitsune98 @Jenishrunner
I know far away weapons for this guy, but i’m almost crying on what to equip on its “ARMs”… Help guys…


I know, i use a multi res l-m too… Saved my energy quite a bit XD


I mean, watcha got? Last words and malice beam are the generic solution and would work fine, but L-Ms would give you other options.


I have most of weapons for energy, just don’t have ash, or bulldog or bunker… To tell the truth, that thing is my final build that i’m planning, i already use mortalbullet, last words and malice beam, but they are becoming quite weak in some higher ranks… So i would like to know what good weapons would be good for mid close range…


Hammer for sure, probably Last Words to combo with legs

Other than that, idk


Depends what you have, from freemium items I suggest Last Words and Malice, and add hook/charge if you will have spare weight, from premium items I’d suggest Last Words (it’s must be for every energy mech) and Bunker Shell


Hammer? Idk about this, he will lack at range 5 and above when run out of Valiant uses


This is the best I’ve come up with so far.

Pretty low on the hp side, and IDK if the resist will make up for it. Definitely needs more work.

As far as running out of valiant uses… if you’ve done that and your enemy is still functioning you’re pretty much boned no matter what.


Nah, too low HP, and also he used different legs


I changed legs because weight and hammer.