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you say that “its worth it” but its range 2 that kills me
it also conveniently is where both ani and nightfall can hit me and my phys resist is a steaming crook of shite


I understand. From my experience though, if you concentrate on keeping people out of that range it’s doable. Supreme cannon will help with that.


i think you keep facing people that dont have teleport or dont know how to jump. i can fit a supreme cannon cus of the space left.i dont even have a 900 kg mech ffs


Any advices? i need some prem items to make them better but what about the current builds?


Take out the 2 res modules. Put in a multi-res module and a heat engine and you should have exactly 1000 weight.


I’d leave it as is, since he only has one myth multi-res. Honestly, they both seem pretty good to me.


As Magic said, i just have one max protector yet… if not i would take out both, really…



The best Anti-Heat / Physical ever yet with GD.

You can’t make Anti-Energy / Physical or a Rounded build out of Grave Diggers, you’ll lose a ton of HP.


Hmm…:thinking:…why not swap out the teleporter and grave diggers for iron boots?


48%20PM 31%20PM

Anything I can improve on?




I said that BEST setup with Grave Diggers yet.

Also that doesn’t work with those legs. You’ll run out of Mercy Uses before anything else.

Reasons? In range 1, Grave Diggers’ 2 Push kicks enemy at Spartan Range, and Grave Diggers does a good amount of kick.

In range 2, Mercy + Spartan is already deadly.

And Iron Boost can’t do that Range 1 tactic.


Too low Cooling for HB + CR combo.

Other than that it’s good.


wtf u have a max protecc

and jus keep upgradin that charge n hook


I am stuck on rank 5. I can’t decide what to do next please help me guys…
These are my builds. I generally weak against energies. So, I need your help and please guide me in detail what to use or replace & what type of builds should I make counter or rounded? I personally request my mates @L4K3 @bestplayerintheworld @Wepwawet @modemer @KilliN @cyanine @lordgorgon @grosboss @Vicarious89 @Heat and all others for help.

My 1st Mech

My 2nd Mech

Some Premium/Useful Items I have

#Also please tell me some helpful tips to grow faster!
If necessary you can also PM me.


Also, @Winz_Kay @rrr @magicmech20 @rc1 please help me!


Mate, these are good bases.
My advice: turn nr1 into an anti heat/phy by swaping the energy engine with this unused ultrahot protector.
Then take that energy engine, fit it in your second mech in the stead of the multi res (epic one is shet) that will be a good rounded able to do pretty nicely vs elecs…
Let me know.


Thanks mate. So I should make a Heat/phys and Elect. counter mech?
I would like to hear if you recommend some replacements. I think I need a spartan carnage on my first mech and Night eagle on second one.


@lordgorgon but if I made my second mech anti energy it cant do much damage coz it has annihlation on it.


bro look on ur first take one plate off and put a energy eng
and take that cooling mass booster off and replace it with a energy eng
those 2 do them after u myth ur heat engines
on ur 2nd take that regn mass booster off and put a energy engine
take 2 cooling mass booster off and put a heat engine
hope u like it it will make ur mechs more balanced :slight_smile: