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That tool is just so useful! I’d totally get it on the App Store if that was ever possible. As it is it doesn’t work on mobile devices because of flash :cry:


Literally a monster. DO it.


Download puffin browser. It uses flash.



I recommend this one.

You only need Teleporter for this one, because you basically reach all ranges.


He needs a grapple.
Unless he does a two use tele


Wait nevermind he has the build at the top, but he really doesn’t need the Cooling Mass Booster though.


Then this one shall serve you well.


I know you don’t have the Energy Storage Units, but maybe?


Yeah, no storage units. It’s a good idea but I can’t implement it yet. And I am using a double teleporter.

As for the cooling booster, it’s protection against phys carrying a HB for use against counters like this. It also makes me feel a little better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wtf is this???

You absolutely do not need over 800 energy and you gotta have enough heat and cooling to not be killed by one heat bomb


There’s like only 1 player doing that, and you’re going to give up some of your stuff for that only player?

Nah boy.

And it’s not like 200+ cap and 140+ Cooling is going to do any difference to HB’s 472 Heat Damage.


Psst, this is a scrapped idea.


Eh, it’s whatever. Probably end up using a regen booster in the end.


i require asistance
here is my mech

(yes i know i dont have a lot of mods but i kinda just threw them away for transformation)


get some premiums items. Then we talk.


i is sed
i on hev premioms


Which build use? I’m getting tired of phys with high energy and regen and dual NF, so I decided to put in use LPV, so which build will be best? (In future it won’t be rounded just only anti energy/phys but it will be after mything my 2nd mech)

  • Build 1
  • Build 2
  • Build 3

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as soon as i saw lpv i picked build 1


You can drop the charge module. Obviously add more mods, and I’d also recommend dropping the TC for a supreme cannon. I realize range 2 will be weak but I think it’ll be worth it.


whats a tc?and i just have charge for shits n giggles


Terror cry.