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Is this better ?


Stronger to electric, somewhat weak to heat. Still a decent all-rounder.

If you’re set on a heat/energy counter, you’re best using a heater. Otherwise, drop a both plates for one of each engine. Anything less will leave you vulnerable, I’m afraid. If you have a claw that’ll help a ton.


I don’t have Claw…

It would end up on this:

The HP is bothering me a little since there is no resistance…


How rounded is my mech?


Not that bad, but any energy with Valiant will make you unable to do anything, maybe try Archimonde if you have one, less hp and heat stats but perfect for rounded mechs


True, Archi would help. Phys is just the wrong type for heat/energy counters… it’s too energy-intensive. Heaters can stack up on health and heat and use energy-free weapons, or go semi-energy-free and still do just fine.


If only I had a regen booster…

Which is the best for my second mech?

  • First one
  • Second one

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The reason I’m starting to doubt my current setup (second one) is because YGGM beat me with an annihilation because I didn’t have enough health. Once my mech gets fully maxed it will have around 1800 hp so idk.

I think I’ll just use the second one and max it.


What should I myth next?

Sparked Runners (for more health) or Mighty Cannon (because it does WAY too little damage as of now)?

  • Sparked Runners
  • Mighty Cannon

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First of all, 2nd build will be better as it have more energy, which is more important than hp on energy, just 2 plates is OK, and myth sparked, always myth torso and legs first


I’d say until you myth your Sparked, use setup #1 as it has more HP, then go back on setup #2 once you’re a little more tanky ^^

Like @Kitsune98 saied, energy is more important than HP on energy mech, but if you can’t hold your ground long enough to deal some serious damage, that’s a bit…dumb :smiley_cat:


Problem is if I myth my sparked first I’m breaking the ancient laws by mything something on my second mech before I fully myth my weapons on my first mech and I don’t want my house to burn down.


Unless you have claw or platinums, it cannot be rounded. I suggest making it anti heat and physical. In that case, you will want to make your energy anti energy and anti physical. In the long term, work on a third mech that is anti heat and anti energy.



I need help for my phys/electric counter:

Build one:

Face Shocker, common tp, and hook.

Build two:

Shockwave, double tp, and hook.

Build two has that combo problem at range 2-3, but it has more mobility and a small chance against heaters… plus shockwave is fantastic against phys. Help me out here.

  • Build one
  • Build two

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If you have additional opinions please include them. Thanks :grin:


HP seems low to counter efficiently Phys…

Max those energy modules, legend the epic engines, max them, and then see if you can fit a plate (you can myth and/or max them again before checking if you can put the HP module ^^) :smiley_cat:

Other than that, I’d say the choice is your for the build blueprint, it depend on which one you have more affinity with :smile_cat:


As above, HP is much too low for mech with this torso, even with Claw, its really low HP and because of no mobility it may work for some phys but with energies you will have big problems, even rounded ones


Keep in mind that both torso and claw are level 1. It’ll have 2k hp when maxed.


Here’s a new idea:

Credit to @KilliN for the amazing build helper tool.


That would definitely work