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Right, but we build with what we have…


Correct. you can make rounder mech in 2 ways (heat/energy, heat/hp, energy/hp) with claw in all 3 ways (heat/hp/energy)


I already have 150 bonus hp from the arena shappe

I think a regular phys mech no matter what counter should have at least 2000 hp


O lord discobot will I ever get the Claw of my dreams


:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so


If I don’t then you’re dead again


Screenshot_20180923-200822~2 :thinking: something wrong here…


I want a Claw NOW

But then I’ll have to ditch my wheelchair :thinking:
Actually nevermind screw claws I’ll reach rank 3 without them


Simple right? XD


I’m back from my ban, and fighting you with my energy mech was pure pleasure, I love builds with no energy free weps <3 I love to kill them ofc, and it was funny coincidence


Just replace 2 Heat Engines with Cooling Mass Boosters. Then remove that extra engine, and replace Falcon with, I don’t know Reckless Beam?

For Energy one, it’s good as it is. Replace Mortal with Bunkershell if you get it.


That’s an actual Rounded Phys actually (The 2nd pic with “RECONNECTING…”)

Although, replace 1 Heat Engine with Cooling Mass Booster, and put something lightweight for a Top Weapon, preferably a Falcon, Reckless Beam or Desert Fury.


This is Energy food lmao


Hey it ain’t my fault RNG doesn’t give me regen boosters.

P.S. @Kitsune98 what did you get banned for lol


For saying some harsh words about besty in thread about phys FS


Soo brave of you mate.


I didn’t know telling the truth could give a suspension… Congrats for being honest to your words, Kitty :slight_smile:


Frankly, I’d rather take a Desert Fury instead of a Reckless Beam…

Lighter, less costs, resistance drain more useful than raw damage (considering the stats of both…)

If he doesn’t have Desert Furry, I would advise him to keep the falcon…


NF, Annihi, NE as weapons


Same weapon setup

Which one is better as anti-heat/anti-energy physical build ?

Another question:

Is this good enough to be a F2P anti-phys ?
Weapons: BB, 2 NF, NE
All utilities plus Void


More of an all-rounder really; as far as that goes both are good. To be an anti-energy phys you need 4 engines minimum, preferably 5.