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Yeah, but you need to free space just to have such thing equipped…


Remove a nightfall, put on night eagle.
Take off epic res.
Fill in plates.


Emp is like revolver with 1 bullet in magazine… but have a some moments

  1. Good with 500-600 erng cap phys( give you little dominating in damage under phys)

  2. Work vs enrg mechs which have lower enrg stat then you

  3. Good little bunker shell( in damage) in some situations

  4. 70 kg… to much for you, need rework mech for it in all ways


Fite me m8

P.S. I’m rank SMURF


Well, till i get another max protector i think it will have to be that :thinking:


Yeah, i need bunkershell and valiant, then i can be a happy energy XD
Edit: yeah, maybe i’ll pass the emp thought…


Its generally not worth it against another plate.


Do you have a premium utility ?


Of course not I’m unlucky


Yeah, thats true, already tested it and suffered heavy damage :frowning:


Here’s my actual mech:

What module setup should I use to be rounded and be able to fight off heat/energy? (I only have 2 heat engines and no regen modules)


Well, I have only more premium than you on my mech then…

I’m around rank 9, do you beat me ?



Ditch a cooling, replace the other with an engine, remove 2 plates, add 3 energy engines
That’s a good start :smiley_cat:


I used to use 3 engines of each type…


Max the cooling would be a good idea too :V


About that, this is NOT enough energy to deal with energies.

Unless if you meant this:

But then I won’t have enough cooling to deal with heats.


@DuduSantos what you want from your mechs? Phys rounder? Or counter heat/phys/energy? (Same for your energy)


I mean the first one, with boosted modules…

And depending on your Arena shop Hp bonus, you could drop a plate at some point and add an engine if you want to stay at this HP


None of the following advices are good. You cannot make a rounded without a claw or platinum.